An Animation Career Review with CDIA’s 3D animation instructor

Center for Digital Imaging Arts’s 3D animation instructor, Brian Deans-Rowe, was recently interviewed for Animation Career Review, in an article titled, “Chatting it up with the Jack-of-all-Animation-Trades, Stone Fence Studios Creative Director Brian Deans-Rowe.”

Prior to joining Blue Fang Games, Brian was a Senior Modeler at Laika Entertainment, working on the pre-production of Jack and Ben’s Animated Adventure (unreleased, now canceled). Before joining the production, he contributed to building the production pipeline for Laika Entertainment as a Technical Director, and worked on several advertising campaigns as Lead Modeler for Laika House.

Brian gained the majority of his film experience while at DreamWorks Animation, beginning in 1995 as a programmer in the Research and Development Department. In 1997, Brian moved to the Modeling Department, where he contributed to Antz, the Academy Award winning Shrek, Shrek 2, and Madagascar. Some of the more notable character models Brian created are Shrek 2′s Fairy Godmother and Madagascar’s Melman the Giraffe. While at DreamWorks, Brian also worked as a Technical Director and a Lighting TD, expanding his knowledge of the animated film-making process.

With over eighteen years of experience in 3D animation, in both feature films and games, Brian possesses a unique blend of artistic and technical skills. Brian’s career in 3D began as a programmer with Alias Research, and later Apple Computer, building the tools he now uses today.

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